MorphVOX Effects Rack

MorphVOX Effects Rack 4.3

Adds support of VST effects modules in MorphVOX Pro

Modify and tweak recorded voice clips with multiple VST modules integrated with MorphVOX Pro by viewing the map of effects applied to the input file, configuring audio streams in real time, checking and previewing the resulting distortion, etc. Noise reduction, environmental and ambient effects, signal analysis are available optionally.

The MorphVOX Effects Rack is a plug-in for MorphVOX Pro that provides a way for you to use VST effects modules with MorphVOX Pro.
MorphVOX Effects Rack has an intuitive interface so you can easily create and navigate a sophisticated audio pipeline with multiple VST modules.
Add the Effects Rack plug-in to MorphVOX Pro and expand your voice modification possibilities.
The MorphVOX Effects Rack also provides you with a highly-configurable workspace for arranging VST effects and integrating them into MorphVOX Pro.

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